Bellamy Ranch

Salmon, ID
358 +/- Deeded Acres +/-
Quick Notes

  • ​Creek bottom ripairan
  • Alpine meadow pastures
  • Irrigated hay and pastures
  • 14 - 16” Annual precipitation
  • Located in Lemhi Valley.
  • 2,500 square foot ranch headquarters.


​Think about owning your own private fishing water with spectacular high mountain peaks in all directions. Envision vast landscapes both up and down your mountain valley. Consider the pleasure of seeing untold numbers of wildlife on your property. Then appreciate a very nice small western town just minutes away and an area of unlimited recreation for family and friends literally “out of your front door”. I guarantee this property will be the envy of many for years to come, as its value is readily apparent and the setting so special, most will kick themselves for not finding it first!

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